About Us


There is not much to say other than we love making games. Our founders have over 6 years of industry experience and hope to bring that to the exciting and newly accessible world of mobile and tablet gaming.

For now our aim is quite simple, to create games that can give our players exactly what they are looking for; whether it’s a quick laugh, a time killer or hours of enjoyment. We plan to keep things causal but promise to provide players with creative stories, fun characters and innovative game mechanics.

Our Future

Just keep on making games. We are cautiously excited about the changes that are constantly occurring in these powerful little devices and the awesome potential that they have to change the way we live and more importantly the way we game!

Check out our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and speak peeks of our upcoming games!

Want your own game?

We make games for everyone. Over the last few years have successfully designed and produced some great games for clients, so please get in touch if you want to create an innovative marketing tool for your company or simply turn your dream game into a reality!

Skill Set

  • Game Design
  • Cross Platform Development
  • iOS and Android Native Development

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